Tony Estruch

Experiential Training

All the courses I have created have the common thread of my personal experience. I could not accompany you if I have not experienced it first.

You will feel accompanied

I believe in the closeness of the person. That's why all our programs are partly or fully live with you.

Scientific Basis

All the programs we offer you are innovative because they are born from the answers that our research on talent (Genotype) provides us with.

Highlighted Programs

Most of the time, we intuit our abilities, but we do not know how to organize and develop them, because basically, we distrust our intuition.

It is the only tool that exists to know the capabilities of your talent based on the data of the psychometric test that more than 25,000 people have taken.

TriGenium + Intuition Program

We have created an online program to initiate a process of reencounter with your intuition through specific practices and meditations, which will make you question where you make decisions from.

This is our commitment:

Our talent, and yours, is to share love.

Our purpose is to accompany you to create from your essence.

To make you aware that the world we inhabit needs your creative capacity.

Show you the way to be genuine and inspiring to others.

Guide you to stop depriving yourself.

Manifest to you the ingredients of your talent, so that you can integrate them into your purpose.

Understand that what doesn't make you happy, doesn't have to.

Undo the #edu-castration.

Educate based on individual potential, and not from the standard collective.

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